We’re Hiring!

Everybody Wins! Vermont has five position openings in September 2017:

  1. Orange County Site Coordinator (3 schools)
  2. Salisbury Community School Site Coordinator (may be hired with Bridport)
  3. Bridport Central School Site Coordinator (may be hired with Salisbury)
  4. Burlington Site Coordinator for J.J. Flynn and the Sustainability Academy (temporary, mid-Sept through January 8, 2018)
  5. Montpelier Site Coordinator

For more information, see the job descriptions below.

To apply, send a cover letter and a resume to info@everybodywinsvermont.org, or via US mail to Everybody Wins! Vermont, PO Box 34, Montpelier VT 05601. Positions are open until filled.

  • Orange County Coordinator job description

Orange Co coord job descr 2017

  • Salisbury Community School and Bridport Central School Site Coordinator job description

Salisbury & Bridport job descr 2017

  • Burlington: J.J. Flynn and Sustainabiity Academy job description (4-month temporary position)

Burlington temp coord job descr 2017

  • Montpelier Site Coordinator job description

Montpelier coord job descr 2017