Racing and Reading in August—No Matter What!

Over the past year, Everybody Wins! mentors have read with children no matter what:

This August, friends of children will climb Mount Mansfield in the Catamount Trail Association‘s  Race to the Top of Vermont to keep children reading in the coming year—no matter what.

We’re also launching a new virtual event starting on August 15th, one everyone can take part in no matter where they are: The Race Around Vermont. Our goal is to collectively travel the 307 miles around all 21 Everybody Wins! Vermont sites in the two weeks leading up to the Race to the Top.  from Barton to Burlington to Rutland to Claremont NH and back to Barton.


Walking, running, hiking, biking—or even READING—everyone’s miles or pages count towards our total.

The August Races are our biggest fundraiser of the year and help to get children and their mentors off to a strong start in the fall. Join us! Find out more and register here.