All the Reading You Can Handle

15th Annual National Life Read-A-Thon
Saturday January 25, 1-3:30 pm
National Life cafeteria, Montpelier

Piles of books to read. Passports to stamp & gold coins to collect. Fabulous prizes from Bear Pond Books. Cookies from the Post Office Cafe to enjoy with a glass of milk. The sweet tunes of Jon Gailmor, and a free book for every child. What else could you do on a Saturday that has so much fun wrapped up in it?



Don’t miss the 15th Annual National Life Read-A-Thon! This beloved FREE family event is sponsored by National Life Group and held in their spacious, beautiful cafeteria. Come as you are; no sign-up is necessary. Read all the books you can and enter to win prizes! Every child chooses a free book to take home.

Questions? Call 229-2665, or email We can’t wait to see you at the Read-a-Thon!

It takes a community to make the Read-a-Thon happen. Thanks to our sponsors, National Life Group Foundation—this event would not exist without them. Thanks to our partners, Bear Pond Books and Post Office Cafe, for making everything sweeter and more fun. Thanks to Jon Gailmor for the songs we love to sing along with. And thanks to you, for making it a party!